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Disruptive Podcast: COVID - 19, Distant Learning, Hourly Wages for MDCPS Employees, Grab & Go Meals

Spring Break ends and students in Miami, Florida head back to class, virtually. Distant learning is the new normal for students.

Spring Break ends and tomorrow it is back to school for Miami-Dade County Public School students in it's new format - distant learning. I was able to sit down with Dr. Steve Gallon III, Vice-Chair Miami-Dade County School Board to talk: Distant Learning, Breakfast & Lunch for Students, Part-Time/Hourly Pay for MDCPS Employees (SP2), and what this all means for High School Seniors and graduating. Check out where we are.

Board Agenda Item SP2 for Tuesday- #Coronavirus#COVID19#MiamiDadeCountyPublicSchools#MDCPS#DistantLearning#DisruptivePodcast#Students

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