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Hip Rock Star Media, a powerhouse of creativity and precision in the realm of video production. As a leading full-service production company, we specialize in crafting compelling short form and long form content designed to captivate audiences across various platforms.

At Hip Rock Star Media, we recognize that every project has a unique narrative waiting to unfold. Our dedicated team of professionals are devoted to transforming your vision into reality through an extensive array of services. From comprehensive script writing and meticulous storyboarding to the intricacies of  filming, and post-production editing, we seamlessly blend creativity with technical expertise to deliver outstanding results.

Our story began with a fervent passion for storytelling and a vision to redefine the benchmarks of video production. We take great pride in our ability to metamorphose ideas into visually stunning narratives, ensuring each project stands out in the crowded digital landscape.

What truly distinguishes winning Hip Rock Star Media is our unwavering commitment to collaboration. We believe in working hand-in-hand with our clients, delving into their objectives, values, and aspirations. This collaborative spirit allows us to tailor our services precisely to each project's unique needs, cultivating a creative partnership that guarantees success.

In addition to our core offerings, we are proud to provide a comprehensive suite of video production services. From pre-production planning and casting to on-location shooting and the final touches of post-production, we cover every aspect of the video production process. Our team merges technical proficiency with artistic flair to produce videos that not only meet but exceed expectations, leaving a lasting impact and propelling your brand to new heights.

Whether you're looking to engage your audience with a compelling commercial, narrate a powerful brand story, or create immersive long-form content, Hip Rock Star Media stands as your trusted partner in bringing ideas to life. Join us on a journey where innovation intertwines with imagination, and let Hip Rock Star Media be the driving force behind your next video production endeavor.




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Brandi Scott

Hip Rock Star Media 

9100 S. Dadeland BLVD., #1500

Miami, FL 33156

Tel: 786.229.7837


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